I Heart Bedtime (Martha and the Bunny Brothers)

The second in the exuberant, feel-good series about Martha and her bunny brothers, following on from I Heart School.

Martha is excited because her BEST babysitter, Grace-next-door, is coming to look after them. But for Martha to have some special time with Grace-next-door she needs to get her bunny brothers to sleep – and that’s not easy! First they have to bath the dog… bath themselves… put on their pyjamas (without getting in a pickle)… make sure their teeth are sparkly clean… and all their toys are present and correct… close their eyes… and… Oh no! Her bunny brothers are still not sleepy. What is a brilliant bunny sister to do?

Young readers will adore looking at those things that make up Martha’s and the bunny brothers’ bedtime ritual, from being introduced to their cuddly toys to choosing the best pyjamas and learning the Bedtime Bunnies Song.

Another beautifully happy and positive book from Clara Vulliamy to follow I Heart School.

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